Soul & The City


Recorded Live at B.B King's NYC


1) The Jugglers (AWB/Gorrie)
2) McEwan's Export (Gorrie)
3) When Will You Be Mine (AWB/Gorrie)
4) Queen Of My Soul (Stuart)
5) Love Won't Let Me Wait (Barrett, Eli)
6) Soul Searching (Gorrie, Stuart)
7) Whatcha Gonna Do For Me (Doheny, Stuart)
8) If I Ever Lose This Heaven (Sawyer, Jones, Ware)
9) Schoolboy Crush (AWB/ Ferrone/ Gorrie/ Stuart)
10) Cloudy (Gorrie, Stuart)
11) I'm The One/Cut The Cake ( AWB/ Gorrie/ McIntosh/ Stuart/ Ball)
12) Pick Up The Pieces ( Ball/ Duncan/ Gorrie/ McIntyre/ McIntosh/ Stuart)
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