Times Squared


Live From New York Vol. 2


1) Pick Up The Pieces (Ball, Duncan, Gorrie, McIntosh, McIntyre, Stuart)
2) Get It Up For Love (Ned Doheny)
3) T.L.C. (Gorrie. AWB)
4) Atlantic Avenue (Ferrone, Gorrie, McIntyre, Stuart)
5) Nothing You Can Do (Gorrie, Ball, Stuart)
6} Oh Maceo (Ball, Gorrie)
7)This World Has Music (Bramlett, Ware, Gorrie)
8) I Just Can't Give You Up (Stuart)
9) A Love of Your Own (Stuart, Doheny)
10) In The Beginning (Gorrie, McIntosh, Ball)
11) Person To Person (Stuart, Gorrie, Ball, Duncan, McIntosh, McIntyre)
12) Let's Go Round Again (Alan Gorrie)
13) Put It Where You Want It (Sample, Gorrie)
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