The White Page
  A Road Diary


Subj: Liverpool

Date: Monday, November 16, 1998

Yes, a day off, some good food & wine, and a great gig here in Ascot works wonders as we were all burned out by Friday night in Blackpool.

Note for tour diary...... Blackpool makes Atlantic City look like Monte Carlo - it's so ugly even the seagulls fly upside down to avoid seeing it. It is a monument to tackiness - a museum of the worst fairground art known to man - a Goliath of garishness, and the absolute epicenter of the cultural donut!!!! Otherwise, the people were really nice.

Ascot is serene and lovely - the audience are 10000% there for us, it's a sellout both nights, and we're a happy bunch of campers, recharged and full funked-up again. Onnie took the three li'l dogs of the clubowner out for a walk on the racecourse - Royal Ascot is the biggest of Britain's horse raceing venues - and he nearly crapped himself when they all shot off in different directions as soon as they got out there....he had visions of going back to the club with three leashes dangling from his arm........ Fortunately, they're so used to it that they all came back and saved his ass.

Otherwise, we're already working on some US dates for March - this time in the southeast - so tell people to keep their eyes on this space for updates as soon as we confirm things. Oh, and we're going to Tokyo at the end of April for a week, at Sweet Basil (April 27 through May 2)

Right, I'm off to shower, and then with my new water-saving policy, shower everyone else - remember a clean band is a better band and much nicer to be around.