INSIDE OUT - Digital Release

INSIDE OUT, AWB’s latest CD will be released tomorrow, Feb. 9th on all the download and streaming services:  iTunes, AppleMusic, Spotify, Pandora, GooglePlay, Shazam, Deezer etc., etc. 

The collection contains four new studio cuts-the first studio recording in fifteen years (that’s the “INSIDE” bit, get it?), and the “OUTSIDE”  part is a live, 8-song set with an expanded horn section, recreating the original horn arrangements from the AWB, Cut The Cake, Soul Searching, Feel No Fret, Montreux '77, and Shine CDs. 

So, if you're a fan from the original glory days, you will have those familiar pieces to enjoy - and if you are relatively new to AWB, the entire collection will give you a complete panorama of the old and the new in the band's repertoire.

Check it out, take your picks, and we will see you at some of this year's upcoming shows, for your comments and reviews. Enjoy!


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